Our goal is simple: to grant every animal the freedom to live without suffering. Join us in providing care, advocacy, and support to ensure they thrive in a world free from neglect and cruelty. Your support transforms their lives, turning their dreams of a brighter future into reality.

Our Mission in Motion
Experience our journey in motion! Dive into a visual storytelling of our mission, showcasing heartwarming rescue stories, rehabilitation journeys, and the joyous moments that define our commitment to animal welfare
Wildlife Conservation Collective
Dedicated to safeguarding and rehabilitating diverse wildlife species, ensuring their protection and conservation for a thriving ecosystem

Go Shala (Cow Shelter)

Providing Sanctuary and Care for Cattle - Support our mission to provide shelter, nourishment, and medical assistance to cows, ensuring their well-being and safety.

Hospital Services

Animal Healthcare Center - Help us maintain a fully equipped hospital catering to the medical needs of various animals, offering treatment and care to those in need.

X-Ray Facilities

Diagnostic Services for Animals - Contribute to providing advanced diagnostic tools like X-rays, aiding in accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for injured or ailing animals.


Advanced Imaging for Animals - Support the accessibility of ultrasound services to aid in the health assessments of animals, facilitating timely interventions.

for Animals

Rehabilitation Support - Assist us in offering physiotherapy sessions to animals recovering from injuries or surgeries, aiding in their rehabilitation process.


Medical Care for ill Animals - Help us provide immediate medical attention and treatment for animals suffering from fevers and other ailments.

Avian Care

Care and Rehabilitation for Birds - Contribute to the care and rehabilitation of injured or abandoned birds, ensuring they receive proper treatment and a chance to thrive.

Dog Feeding

Sustaining Canine Nutrition - Support our initiative to provide nutritious food to stray and sheltered dogs, ensuring they stay healthy and well-fed.

Monkey Food

Feeding Assistance for Monkeys - Help us sustain a feeding program for monkeys, ensuring they receive adequate nourishment for their well-being.

Van or Bike

Mobility for Animal Rescue - Aid us in acquiring transportation resources, like vans or bikes, to facilitate the rescue and transportation of animals in need.

General Support
for Animals

Broad-Spectrum Assistance - Contribute to our overall efforts in providing aid, care, and support to animals in distress, making a significant difference in their lives.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Conservation and Care for Wildlife - Support our conservation efforts aimed at rehabilitating and protecting wildlife, ensuring their survival through proper care, habitat preservation, and awareness initiatives.

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Join us in supporting animals by volunteering your time and skills. Your dedication directly aids in rescuing and caring for animals in need, making a significant impact. Be part of our community devoted to enhancing animal welfare—sign up as a valued volunteer today!